Get Ready for Back to School! Special

Save $10 off my regular price for the month of August on the Virus, Spyware Cleanup and System Updates Package.  Combine this offer with my backup service and save even more  $$$!  

  • In Shop: Only $60.00, Regular: $70.00 (Compare to Best Buy Geek Squad at $150 for Online Support and $200 for In Store support.)
  • Troubleshoot 1 computer
  • Remove all viruses, spyware, malware, and rootkits
  • Repair any operating system issues
  • Apply system updates
  • Update installed web browsers to latest version
  • Create System Recovery CDs/DVDs so you don’t have to pay big $$$ down the road if your hard drive dies. – depended on system type.  Some computers still come with physical CDs you should keep in a safe place.
  • Add our Data Backup – Advanced package for $100.00 more (Save an extra $30.00!).  Includes external hard drive and setting up for automatic backup on a schedule that will work for you!  No more worrying about loosing your family photos, documents or your music collection.  Must have Windows Vista or Windows 7.
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