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New Year, New Computer?

So you just got a new computer for Christmas and now you have to copy all of your files from the old one? I can streamline the process. Just bring me your new and old computer and I can move everything over. Give me a call at 570-404-0447.

Residential Service Small Business Services

Did you just buy a new computer?

If you bought a new computer, you typically don’t receive the System Recovery CDs in the box. Make sure you follow your computer’s instructions to create the System Recovery CDs or DVDs when you first get your computer setup. Companies like Dell, HP, and eMachines charge anywhere from $30 to $60 for replacement System Recovery CDs. When would you need these? If you computer becomes heavily infected with viruses and spyware or your hard drive dies, a full system restore may be needed to get everything working. Don’t loose money down the road, create your System Recovery CDs now and put them in a safe place!

Residential Service Small Business Services

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is out!

If you’re running Windows Vista then it’s time to get it updated.  Call Josh Jones Computer Services at 570-404-0447 to schedule an appointment.  My $70.00 Virus/Spyware removal and System Updates package is a $130.00 savings over Best Buy’s Geek Squad in-store price.  You can compare our prices by going to the Geek Squad Virus and Spyware Removal rates page.

Small Business Services

Small Business Support in Blossburg, Liberty, Mansfield or Wellsboro, PA?

Are you a small business in Blossburg, Liberty, Mansfield, or Wellsboro, PA with only a few computers? You probably don’t have a need for a full I.T. or MIS department, but you do need a regular IT Guy who can help you with the technology needs of your business.

I can help you with making the right technology decisions for your small business while balancing costs and needs.

Do your computers need Anti Virus software, patching, and spyware removal? I can help with that too – After hours and remotely so there’s limited interruption to your day-to-day business. (Sometimes computers may need to be taken to my shop to fix more serious issues.)

Are you backing up your important data? I can help you come up with an on-site and off-site backup plan for your most important data. Nobody wants to suffer the loss of business information, so it’s best to be proactive, get a plan in place, and use it!

Services available to your small business:

  • Remote Support (With a remote support plan is place)
  • Technology Consulting, Research and Planning
  • Website Maintenance and Development
  • Assisting with setting up your new website
  • Backup Solutions
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
  • Custom access databases
  • Custom programming (Microsoft .Net 1.1 through 4.0)
  • Upgrading VB 6.0 applications to Microsoft .Net 4.0
  • Hourly rates or monthly service agreements available
  • Call 570-404-0447 today!